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Services and Rates

   Relaxation Massage:        

60 min $79.00    90 min $118.50

This massage is dedicated to an hour just for you, no kids, no work, and no stress. Just one hour of pure deep relaxation and rejuvenation! ENJOY!

      Deep Tissue Massage:      

60 min  $79.00   90 min $118.50

During this hour our therapist will work out the knots and realign the muscular system. The pressure is up to you. Please communicate with your therapist on depth.

   Balanced Body Blend:     

60 min  $89.00     90 min $129.00

Enjoy a unique 60  min session that combines a customized full-body serenity massage. With a twist of Hot Stone, Deep Tissue and Relaxation that restores your wellness and deep relaxation. With this service, you receive a Shea butter foot rub that will leave you feeling like you have new skin!  

 Hot Stone Massage:  

60 min $89.00    90 min $129.00

 Hot stone massage is a form of massage therapy that uses specialized stones called basalt stones. These stones are designed to hold heat, helping to create a deep tissue massage to work tight, knotted muscles and release tension. Hot stone massage is relaxing and is known to have some health benefits. 

 Cupping Massage

60 Min- $89.00    90 Min- $129.00

Thai Herbal Massage - book by phone only (limited availability)

60 min $89.00     90 min $129.00

Feel the relief when massaged with cloth balls filled with a special blend of herbs to help relieve muscle and joint pain, increase blood circulation, nourish and revitalize the skin. Take the herbal balls home to enjoy in your bath or self-massage. Bring the herbal balls back on your next visit for a discount.



Treatment Massage:  4 units/60 min    


Have you been injured or in a car accident? This is the massage for you. If we are going to be billing your auto insurance please bring a prescription from your doctor. We will also provide patient an invoice for out of network massage services that can be submitted to your insurance and patient be reimbursed.  

*We are not accepting any new health insurance patients at this time. 



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